The Kitchen Garden Company dba Claddagh Farms is based in Union, Maine. Started in the San Juan Islands of Washington State the KGC was formed to be an on-farm catering and culinary education enterprise. When I moved to Maine I continued the culinary education aspect but added a broader farming element.

In the past I have taught cooking skills, humane slaughter and butchery practices for pigs, sheep, chickens and rabbits. I still take part in training young farmers and chefs how to tackle this daunting aspect of the food system.

Additionally I raise as much food as I can, both in the garden, pasture and barnyard. Again, part of this activity is an educational element for both cooking lessons and teaching people to garden and compost so they can take charge of their food system. I love working with kids and bringing the natural and farming world alive for them.

While in Washington I worked at a small, family run sawmill off and on for years. Working in the woods harvesting timber, milling it with the sawmill and finishing it with the planing machine became part of the rhythm of homesteading life and complimented my other job as a carpenter quite well. When I moved to Maine I purchased a portable bandsaw mill and use it to custom cut lumber around the state.

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Good Food, Good Wood, Local Crafts and More

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